Safest Removable Media File Recovery Software

Almost all portable external storage devices are referred to as ‘Removable Media’. These storage devices can be mounted to PC even when system is running. Some examples of removable media include memory cards, USB drives, etc; these devices can be used to move data from one system to another in an easy way.

One of the major advantage of this removable disk is that they can deliver the fast data backup and recovery times associated with storage area networks. And the major drawback of removable media is that it’s more expensive than tape. Since removable media are easy to carry and they are frequently used for data transfer, they are exposed some break downs and loss of data.removable media recoverySome common cases behind data loss from removable media:

  • Deleting files accidentally from Removable Drive:When your removable drive is connected to system for accessing data, user may delete some important files/folder by mistake instead of unwanted files
  • File Transfer Interruptions:Interruption or errors like power fluctuations or sudden system shutdown while transferring files from removable disk to computer
  • Incorrect Removal:Abruptly removing removable storage drive from Windows PC without using “Safely Remove Hardware” option
  • Anti-virus Scanning:When you scan you removable disk to remove viruses, anti-virus software may remove some files from removable drive if they are infected
  • Virus Infection:Removable disk can get infected with viruses and delete some files when you connect to the computer that is already by viruses/malware/spyware

Under this above mentioned scenarios, there is no need to worry if you lose your photos, files and important data which are stored on your USB device. Because to overcome this issue there is a tool called removable media recovery which helps you to recover all the lost or inaccessible data from any removable media such as External hard drive, Pen drive, USB drive, SD card, Memory card, Memory stick, Flash drive, SSD etc.

Removable Media Recovery Software:
Removable media file recovery  is one of the best options to recover all missing or deleted data files and folders from corrupted or inaccessible storage devices. This can help you to restore all type of files like video albums, media files, digital photos, pictures, images etc.

Features of this recovery tool:

  • This is most secure, dependable and entirely professional tool to recover all data from different digital media data storage tools.
  • Undelete the entire lost major file formats counting video files (avi, mpeg, mp4, asf, m4), image files (jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp,) audio files (ram, wav, wma, aac, mpa), text files (doc, dbt, txt, wpd, wps) and so much more..
  • Recovers corrupted folders and files damaged because of Human error, Virus corrupted files, Hardware blunder, System error, Software fault, Power failure, and etc.
  • Retrieves data even if it shows error like “format drive” on your PC system while entering any supported media on your computer.
  • Efficiently works with all USB removable media derive brands such as Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Toshiba, Olympus, Sony, Transcend, Konica-Minolta, HP, Kingston etc.