Know How to Fix Outlook PST File in Few Steps

Repair PSTPST is Personal Storage Table. The files that are stored in Microsoft Outlook will be saved as PST format. It is used as an email application. At the same time, it also has some other features like task manager, contact manager, calendar, journal, note handler and also web browsing. It is used widely for global communication. Outlook can also back up your account contents like contacts, attachments, etc. You can keep your PST files safely with password protection. The maximum storage limit of a PST file varies from one version to another version.

Though there are many advantages in using Microsoft Outlook, the Outlook files may get corrupted in some situations. Your PST file may corrupt due to reasons like improper sharing of file, system freeze or even due to the presence of bad sectors in your storage area. If your PST file got corrupted, instead of worrying and losing hope, just believe that you can repair that file. The corrupted Outlook.pst file can be repaired efficiently, with the help of “Fix PST” software. By using this utility, you can repair your PST file, without modifying its actual contents. Still if you want to know more about how to fix PST files, then don’t worry, as all the data related queries is here.

Some of the reasons behind PST file corruption:

  • Exceeded file size: You may know that PST files may get lost if it exceeds the maximum size. Say for example, you are using Outlook 2002. The maximum storage size of Outlook 2002 is 2GB. If your PST file exceeds the maximum size, then your file may get lost.
  • Upgrading Outlook: Say, you are upgrading your Microsoft Outlook from an older version (say for eg: Outlook 2007) to latest version to access its newly added features. At this time, different Outlook elements such as emails, contacts, etc stored in your previous version may get damaged.
  • Improper termination: Closing a PST file in an inappropriate way also one of the main reason for file corruption. Say for example, you may be working with your PST file. At that time, your system may be turned off due to power issue. AS a result of this situation, your PST file may get corrupt.
  • Email bombarding: Email bombarding is also one of the reason for file damage. If you have opened “n” number of emails at the same time, it may sometimes becomes a chances for the PST file corruption.

Features of this repair tool:

“Fix PST” tool helps you to repair files, that are created from different versions like Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. Files that are not fixed even by Inbox Repair tool, provided by Microsoft Outlook can be repaired effectively with the help of this utility. Emails that are emptied from deleted item folder or any other Outlook folder can be recovered with the help of this utility program. This application allows you to preview the repaired items with the help of Outlook Style Browser view. With the help of this application, you can even repair your password protected files. This tool can also recover folders, messages, meeting requests, appointments, tasks, journals, etc.