How to Recover Data from Samsung SDHC Memory Card?

Have you lost data from Samsung SDHC Card? Is your previous recovery tool worthy nothing? Are you seeking for an instant Samsung SDHC card recovery application? Well, then you are in the right place cause, with the retrieval tool for Samsung SDHC your worries are no more. Refer this article for further information. Data losses are common scenarios which may occur over to any devices. Which means it can happen to SDHC card also. SDHC stands for secure digital high capacity memory card. It is new type of flash memory card of Samsung family. This SDHC card is used in various portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorder etc. due to its high data transfer rate up to 48MB/s and offer data storage capacity up to 32 GB.   Irrespective of its advantages, you may still undergo data loss on SDHC card due to various issues. So, it is crucial to know the reasons  behind data loss.

Reason for Loss / Deletion of Data from SDHC Memory Card:

  • Accidental Deletion: This is a very common human mistake done by the user, such as pressing “Delete All” button while previewing pictures / videos on camcorder and also deletion of file on SDHC card will never go to Recycle Bin / Trash. This causes deletion of your files permanently.
  • Interrupting File Transfer: Suddenly, interference the file transfer. By, pulling out the SDHC card out of computer also switching of the computer during transfer process may either cause loss / deletion of data present on it.
  • Improper Removal or Ejection: If you pull out your SDHC card suddenly when it is operating from your mobile phone without “un mounting” the card, this can cause serious data loss.
  • Accidental Formatting: Sometime you may accidental format your SDHC card without taking a proper backup or you may also unintentional select the format option on your camera while adjust settings. This may lead to data loss.
  • Other Reasons: Inserting your SDHC card on multiple devices, capturing pictures / videos on camera during low battery, capturing video when there is no space on it, Intentional formatting etc. may lead loss of data on it.

Steps to Avoid Data Loss on SDHC Memory Card:

  • Stop using the memory card immediately. If you notice data loss on it.
  • Never use the memory card on multiple devices.
  • Before removing the SDHC card from its device “un mount” the card and remove it.
  • Always practice the habit of backing up the data of your SDHC card before formatting it.
  • Never interrupt or pull out the memory card from its source during its read/ write operation.

Irrespective of the precaution measures taken, if you still found data has gone missing or deleted from your SDHC card, simple don’t get tensed. Install this “SDHC Card Recovery” utility, which will help you out to recover files from Samsung SDHC card, regardless the data lost / delete scenarios.

Features of SDHC Card Recovery software:

SDHC card recovery utility is the best risk free recovery tool to retrieve all files loss / deleted due to various issues. It also supports recovery from various SDHC card manufacturers like SanDisk, Kingston, Viking, transcend, Toshiba, KingMax, Sony, Samsung etc. This application is particularly created to recuperate deleted /lost HD pictures, videos from SDHC card. You can even add new type of signatures for unknown file types. SDHC recovery software supports all RAW formats like ARW, MRW, KDC, CR2, NEF,DNG, DCR, so on.