Facts to Know About “Not Formatted Error”

What is SD card?

Secure Digital card or SD card is a removable flash memory card designed to provide high capacity memory in a small size which is mainly used for storing information. SD card comes in different sizes like Micro SD card, Mini SD card, etc. Secure Digital cards are available in four different types, which include SDSC (Secure Digital Standard Capacity), SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity), SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and SDIO (Secure Digital Input/output).

Micro SD cards are used in many electronic devices such as audio players, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and many others. It is one of the well known portable devices, which allows users to take back up of their precious data such as songs, movies, pictures, text documents and so on. These SD cards are manufactured by various brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Lexar and more.

Micro SD card not formatted error:

Take an instance, you have connected Micro SD card using card reader to the system which is infected by severe viruses. To copy downloaded music and videos from the internet there can be chance of virus infection. If your Micro SD card gets infected by malicious program, due to this file system directory of SD card may get damaged. When you try to connect Micro SD card in some other system instead of allow access to SD card, the computer displays an error message as Micro SD card not formatted error. Do you want to format it now?

This kind of error indicates that Micro SD card is incorrectly formatted or corrupted. If you not format it, then not allow accessing the data stored in the SD card or else, if you format the card you will lose all your data. Then, how will you fix Micro SD card not formatted error?

In such scenario, I suggest you to read this blog completely and you will get to know that the data can be recovered easily from this type of error like SDHC card not formatted error with the aid of SDHC Card Recovery Software. This application is well developed with special search algorithm which is capable of retrieving data from corrupted SDHC card on both Windows and Mac based system.

Now, you don’t have to lose your precious data like text documents, videos, audios and more from SD card. As the SDHC Card Recovery utility is there to restore your important files from Micro SD card not formatted error. It can recover files and folder from various types of SD cards such as Mini SD, Mini SDHC, Micro SDHC, Micro SD, etc that are corrupted.

Situation that lead to corrupt the SD cards:

Assume, you are taking some videos from your digital camera. In this process, if you removed SDHC card abnormally then it lead to corruption of SD card. File system directory damage is also responsible for corrupting SD cards, which lead to data loss situation.