How to Recover SDHC Card Data?

What is SDHC card?

SDHC memory card stands for Secure Digital High Capacity card. It has the same shape and size as standard SD card but meets with some additional features. SDHC cards are portable and handy memory card that is used to store user’s data such as pictures, videos, mp3 songs, and more in different occasions during family functions, birthday celebration, etc. The main intension for introducing SDHC card is to meet the expectation of the users like high definition videos and high resolution pictures. If the Storage capacity of SD is 4GB or more, then it is classed as a SDHC memory card. It is one of the four families of SD card.

Class Speed Rating:

Secure Digital Association (SDA) has established speed of transfer rate in Class rating (Class 2, 4, 6 and 10). That helps to identify the speed, performance and minimum requirements of Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards and the host products. The write speed for SDHC cards are:

  • Class 2: The minimum write speed is 2 MB/s or higher. sdhc card recovery
  • Class 4: The minimum write speed is 4MB/s or higher.
  • Class 6: The minimum write speed is 6MB/s or higher.
  • Class 10: The minimum write speed is 10MB/s or higher.

Currently, SDHC memory card storage capacity between 4 GB and 32 GB. Users need to check for the SDHC logo on memory cards and host devices like camcorders, digital cameras; etc before purchasing it and some devices won’t support SDHC cards. User can look for the Class Speed Rating logo to make out the performance of the SDHC memory cards and host devices.

Even having all of these features, it is failed to protect with data loss problem. Losing of an important data is very disappointing and it’s still very worst situation if user don’t have a back up of those data. Are you facing this type of issue? Don’t get panic there is a recovery tool named as SDHC Card Recovery Application.

This software has ability to recover SDHC card data from different types such as MicroSDHC and MiniSDHC memory card. You can utilize this powerful application to restore data from various brands of SDHC card that includes Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and many others.

Scenarios of loss of data from SDHC memory cards:

  • Corruption of file system: Due to improper plug in and plug out the file system of the SD cards will get corrupted or when the SD card is connected to the system if system forceful shut down cause’s loss of files from the SDHC card.
  • Virus Attack: If SDHC memory card get infected by severe viruses and Trojan. Then, there is a chance of losing some data that are stored in SDHC card.
  • Accidental deletion: When the SDHC card is inserted in digital camera and viewing photos in camera sometimes by mistake you press the delete all option in it, this will also lose your files in SDHC cards.
  • Formatting: Sometimes you might find difficult to access the data on SDHC cards so you may have format it. By selecting this action you will completely loss your files. Then, you may try to look for SDHC card recovery.
  • Data loss during file transfer: Sometimes, when you connect SDHC card to the PC and transfers the data, if you suddenly remove your card it may cause loss of your data.
  • Miss-handling the camera: Switching off the camera during transfer of photos and capturing when camera is in low battery may also cause loss of photos.

Safest Removable Media File Recovery Software

Almost all portable external storage devices are referred to as ‘Removable Media’. These storage devices can be mounted to PC even when system is running. Some examples of removable media include memory cards, USB drives, etc; these devices can be used to move data from one system to another in an easy way.

One of the major advantage of this removable disk is that they can deliver the fast data backup and recovery times associated with storage area networks. And the major drawback of removable media is that it’s more expensive than tape. Since removable media are easy to carry and they are frequently used for data transfer, they are exposed some break downs and loss of data.removable media recoverySome common cases behind data loss from removable media:

  • Deleting files accidentally from Removable Drive:When your removable drive is connected to system for accessing data, user may delete some important files/folder by mistake instead of unwanted files
  • File Transfer Interruptions:Interruption or errors like power fluctuations or sudden system shutdown while transferring files from removable disk to computer
  • Incorrect Removal:Abruptly removing removable storage drive from Windows PC without using “Safely Remove Hardware” option
  • Anti-virus Scanning:When you scan you removable disk to remove viruses, anti-virus software may remove some files from removable drive if they are infected
  • Virus Infection:Removable disk can get infected with viruses and delete some files when you connect to the computer that is already by viruses/malware/spyware

Under this above mentioned scenarios, there is no need to worry if you lose your photos, files and important data which are stored on your USB device. Because to overcome this issue there is a tool called removable media recovery which helps you to recover all the lost or inaccessible data from any removable media such as External hard drive, Pen drive, USB drive, SD card, Memory card, Memory stick, Flash drive, SSD etc.

Removable Media Recovery Software:
Removable media file recovery  is one of the best options to recover all missing or deleted data files and folders from corrupted or inaccessible storage devices. This can help you to restore all type of files like video albums, media files, digital photos, pictures, images etc.

Features of this recovery tool:

  • This is most secure, dependable and entirely professional tool to recover all data from different digital media data storage tools.
  • Undelete the entire lost major file formats counting video files (avi, mpeg, mp4, asf, m4), image files (jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp,) audio files (ram, wav, wma, aac, mpa), text files (doc, dbt, txt, wpd, wps) and so much more..
  • Recovers corrupted folders and files damaged because of Human error, Virus corrupted files, Hardware blunder, System error, Software fault, Power failure, and etc.
  • Retrieves data even if it shows error like “format drive” on your PC system while entering any supported media on your computer.
  • Efficiently works with all USB removable media derive brands such as Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Toshiba, Olympus, Sony, Transcend, Konica-Minolta, HP, Kingston etc.

Data Recovery From SDHC Memory Card

SD Card is one of the memory cards which are widely used to store data or transfer data from device to your PC. Many of us use SD card everyday to store pictures, documents, messages etc.  Under this SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards are the most popular and widely used storage device. This storage device has capacity ranging from 2GB to 32 GB which uses FAT-32 as a file system. SDHC cards are familiar for their unique features like large volume, high speed, waterproof, X-ray proof, shockproof etc. Usually these SDHC cards are great choice and are compatible with all types of electronic gadgets, such as digital camera, tablets, laptops etc.
This storage media are very secured and reliable, but due to some unfavorable reasons on SD card it leads data to get lost or to become inaccessible. Just read on to know more about this SD card.

What happens when you lose data from the device?

Generally, if any data are deleted or removed from a location, many users will think that the data is completely deleted from the storage device. But in reality it’s not true. Data remains in the same location only the file address pointer which was used to access the file gets deleted. Due to this your Operating System will not be able to locate the file. Because of this, files become inaccessible or it may get lost. This makes user to feel sad when there is loss of files from SD card. To solve this issue there is a tool which recovers almost all sort of file types including, Pictures, photos, videos, audios, documents, email etc, from your SD Card, you can get more information by visiting this page: So there is no need to worry anymore. But before using this software, you must make sure that not to overwrite the space where files have been deleted otherwise it may cause permanent data loss.

images (1)

Here are some reasons for data loss or deletion on SDHC card.

  • Formatting drive accidentally:One of the common issue among all users is formatting memory card. While using SD card you may select format option accidentally, this leads to deletion of your files which are saved on that SD card.
  • Improper file transfer: While you are transfer your data from one device to another, during this process if you come across any interruption, then all your data will be lost.
  • Sudden ejection of drive:Digital photos on cameras are generally saved on memory cards. Memory cards are very sensitive, you will have to handle it carefully. If there is any abrupt ejection of memory card from your system, this may lead to loss photos from that storage device.
  • Deleting photos from camera when it is connected on Windows system will make those files to bypass Recycle Bin

Features of this recovery software:

  • Customized “Find Tool” which helps to find files on recovered data list efficiently
  • It has Powerful scan engine which helps to analyze and recover all your lost data from every single drive carefully
  • Provides unique built-in algorithms, which recovers all digital media file formats
  • Recovers all multimedia files from SATA/IDE / SCSI hard disk drives, iPods, Mp3 players, USB hard drives, SD Cards, Memory sticks, etc.
  • You can preview files easily before restoring your file with the help of preview option using this SD card photo recovery software.

Software to Recover Data from Removable Storage Device

removable storage recoveryRemovable storage has been around almost as long as the computer itself. Earlier generation of removable storage starts with using paper punch cards in computers. Then the magnetic tape eras in which audio cassette were dominating.

Till now we’ve come a long way. Now removable storage devices can store hundreds of gigabytes of data on a single disk, cassette, card or cartridge. Let’s see why you would want removable storage.

Memory: you can carry anywhere

There are several reasons why removable storage is useful:

  • Commercial software
  • Making back-up copies of important information
  • Transporting data between two computers
  • Storing software and information that you don’t need to access constantly
  • Copying information to give to someone else
  • Securing information that you don’t want anyone else to access

Modern removable storage devices offer an incredible number of options, with storage capacities ranging from the few megabytes (MB) of a standard floppy to the upwards of terabytes (TB) capacity of some portable drives. All of these devices fall into one of three categories:

  • Magnetic storage
  • Optical storage
  • Solid-state storage

So that’s all about a removable storage. Today`s article is more focused on steps involved in removable storage recovery. In case you lost your data, deleted your files or somehow the device become corrupt or inaccessible then only data recovery software can save your day. Then, we’ll discuss what to do to keep you out of these predicaments to begin with.

The things that you need to Know When Using Data Recovery Software

  • If possible do a back-up before you try the recovery
  • Don’t install the software on the drive that has the problem
  • Be sure to save the recovered files someplace other than the problem drive

Installing the recovery software on the unstable drive could write on top of your files. This is a no-brainer if you are trying to recover removable storage and installing the data recovery software in same drive.

When recovering an internal drive, you will have to remove the unstable hard drive and connect to a stable computer with a stable operating system. I have dealt with this in the past and had decided to purchase a case that turns my hard drive into an USB connected external hard drive.

If it is a hard drive you are attempting to recover, you can bust open a second hard drive and plug in the unstable hard drive. Then you should see the unstable drive show up in (My) Computer or in Disk Management.

You may, or may not, be able to see some of the files you are looking for without any recovery software at all.

What to Do To Avoid Needing Data Recovery At All (Or Ever Again)

  • Back Up

You have heard it before but I’m telling you again. There are often warning signs that a hard drive is failing. Back up at the first inkling of a problem.Then, if the drive does go, you can just recycle it and buy a new one. This can cost you much less than paying to recover it.

Common Warning Signs

  1. Loading or saving files consistently takes an unnaturally long time
  2. Frequent lock ups that cause you to use the power button to restart
  3. Files mysteriously turn to jumbled or disappear all together
  4. Freezing while booting up
  5. Strange noises
  6. Blue screen of death

De frag Often

Physical damage can sometimes be caused by a drive working too hard because of a fragmented hard drive. You can help to prevent this by scheduling your Disk Derangement to run automatically. This is especially important if you are running pre-2000 Windows.

The bottom line is that if your files turn up missing for any reason they probably can be recovered. The price of data professional recovery services are fair, many data recovery programs are very powerful, and most have thorough help files and customer support. Give it a try!

How to Recover Data from Samsung SDHC Memory Card?

Have you lost data from Samsung SDHC Card? Is your previous recovery tool worthy nothing? Are you seeking for an instant Samsung SDHC card recovery application? Well, then you are in the right place cause, with the retrieval tool for Samsung SDHC your worries are no more. Refer this article for further information. Data losses are common scenarios which may occur over to any devices. Which means it can happen to SDHC card also. SDHC stands for secure digital high capacity memory card. It is new type of flash memory card of Samsung family. This SDHC card is used in various portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorder etc. due to its high data transfer rate up to 48MB/s and offer data storage capacity up to 32 GB.   Irrespective of its advantages, you may still undergo data loss on SDHC card due to various issues. So, it is crucial to know the reasons  behind data loss.

Reason for Loss / Deletion of Data from SDHC Memory Card:

  • Accidental Deletion: This is a very common human mistake done by the user, such as pressing “Delete All” button while previewing pictures / videos on camcorder and also deletion of file on SDHC card will never go to Recycle Bin / Trash. This causes deletion of your files permanently.
  • Interrupting File Transfer: Suddenly, interference the file transfer. By, pulling out the SDHC card out of computer also switching of the computer during transfer process may either cause loss / deletion of data present on it.
  • Improper Removal or Ejection: If you pull out your SDHC card suddenly when it is operating from your mobile phone without “un mounting” the card, this can cause serious data loss.
  • Accidental Formatting: Sometime you may accidental format your SDHC card without taking a proper backup or you may also unintentional select the format option on your camera while adjust settings. This may lead to data loss.
  • Other Reasons: Inserting your SDHC card on multiple devices, capturing pictures / videos on camera during low battery, capturing video when there is no space on it, Intentional formatting etc. may lead loss of data on it.

Steps to Avoid Data Loss on SDHC Memory Card:

  • Stop using the memory card immediately. If you notice data loss on it.
  • Never use the memory card on multiple devices.
  • Before removing the SDHC card from its device “un mount” the card and remove it.
  • Always practice the habit of backing up the data of your SDHC card before formatting it.
  • Never interrupt or pull out the memory card from its source during its read/ write operation.

Irrespective of the precaution measures taken, if you still found data has gone missing or deleted from your SDHC card, simple don’t get tensed. Install this “SDHC Card Recovery” utility, which will help you out to recover files from Samsung SDHC card, regardless the data lost / delete scenarios.

Features of SDHC Card Recovery software:

SDHC card recovery utility is the best risk free recovery tool to retrieve all files loss / deleted due to various issues. It also supports recovery from various SDHC card manufacturers like SanDisk, Kingston, Viking, transcend, Toshiba, KingMax, Sony, Samsung etc. This application is particularly created to recuperate deleted /lost HD pictures, videos from SDHC card. You can even add new type of signatures for unknown file types. SDHC recovery software supports all RAW formats like ARW, MRW, KDC, CR2, NEF,DNG, DCR, so on.

Facts to Know About “Not Formatted Error”

What is SD card?

Secure Digital card or SD card is a removable flash memory card designed to provide high capacity memory in a small size which is mainly used for storing information. SD card comes in different sizes like Micro SD card, Mini SD card, etc. Secure Digital cards are available in four different types, which include SDSC (Secure Digital Standard Capacity), SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity), SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and SDIO (Secure Digital Input/output).

Micro SD cards are used in many electronic devices such as audio players, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and many others. It is one of the well known portable devices, which allows users to take back up of their precious data such as songs, movies, pictures, text documents and so on. These SD cards are manufactured by various brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Lexar and more.

Micro SD card not formatted error:

Take an instance, you have connected Micro SD card using card reader to the system which is infected by severe viruses. To copy downloaded music and videos from the internet there can be chance of virus infection. If your Micro SD card gets infected by malicious program, due to this file system directory of SD card may get damaged. When you try to connect Micro SD card in some other system instead of allow access to SD card, the computer displays an error message as Micro SD card not formatted error. Do you want to format it now?

This kind of error indicates that Micro SD card is incorrectly formatted or corrupted. If you not format it, then not allow accessing the data stored in the SD card or else, if you format the card you will lose all your data. Then, how will you fix Micro SD card not formatted error?

In such scenario, I suggest you to read this blog completely and you will get to know that the data can be recovered easily from this type of error like SDHC card not formatted error with the aid of SDHC Card Recovery Software. This application is well developed with special search algorithm which is capable of retrieving data from corrupted SDHC card on both Windows and Mac based system.

Now, you don’t have to lose your precious data like text documents, videos, audios and more from SD card. As the SDHC Card Recovery utility is there to restore your important files from Micro SD card not formatted error. It can recover files and folder from various types of SD cards such as Mini SD, Mini SDHC, Micro SDHC, Micro SD, etc that are corrupted.

Situation that lead to corrupt the SD cards:

Assume, you are taking some videos from your digital camera. In this process, if you removed SDHC card abnormally then it lead to corruption of SD card. File system directory damage is also responsible for corrupting SD cards, which lead to data loss situation.

Easy Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from SDHC Memory Card

SDHC stands for Secure Digital High capacity is a flash memory card that is having a data storage capacity up to 32GB. It has maximum read/write speed up to 10MB/s.  SDHC comes under the family of Secure Digital card. SDHC memory cards are commonly preferred by modern digital cameras due to its high data rates. Similar to other types of memory cards, SDHC cards undergo data loss during various situations.  You may lose/delete data due to carelessness or by bad luck from an SDHC card. If that happens to you, don’t get upset; you can simply recover all your files by the reliable, virus free tool called as “SDHC Card Recovery software”.

Some of the Causes for File Deletion/Loss on SDHC Memory Card:

  • Accidental Deletion:This is the common mistake done by many users. While deleting an unwanted file from SDHC card, user may unintentionally select and delete a valuable file from it.
  • Unintentional Formatting:formatting your SDHC card accidently without taking backup results in loss of data.
  • Unreliable Third Party Tool:An unreliable tool like antivirus software is one of the main causes of deletion of files from SDHC card. During anti-virus scanning process, if some of the files are found to be infected by viruses, then it will delete those files without your knowledge.
  • File Transfer Interruption:Sudden interruption during SDHC file transfer such as power surge, abrupt system shutdown etc. may result in the loss of files from SDHC card.
  • Other Reasons: Capturing photos in camera when low battery or having not enough space in memory card is another important reason behind the loss of files. Inserting the SDHC card on multiple devices without formatting, pulling out the battery of the camera while data transfer , pressing “delete all” button accidently while viewing pictures on camera etc. leads to deletion of files from SDHC card.

 Salient Features of SDHC Card Recovery:

SDHC recovery utility is popular, effective and risk free recovery tool to recover all your files from SDHC card in a hassle-free method. It supports recovery from various SDHC card manufacturers like Kingston, Viking, Toshiba, SanDisk, transcend, Sony, Samsung etc. This application is particularly created to recuperate deleted /lost HD pictures, videos from SDHC card. You can even add new type of signatures for unknown file types. SDHC recovery software supports all RAW formats like CR2, NEF, ARW, MRW, DNG, DCR, KDC so on. This ultimate software works perfectly on both Microsoft Windows and Mac and it’s also compactable to recover files on numerous file systems like FAT32, FAT 16, NTFS, NTFS+, HFS, HFS+, and so on. To know more about SDHC card recovery, visit:

Simplest Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from SDHC Memory Card:

  • Download and install the SDHC Card Recovery software on your system.
  • Now, connect the SDHC card from files needs to be recovered via card reader to the PC where software installed.
  • Then, launch the software and select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen.
  • From next windows, choose either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option.
  • After the choosing any one of these option, select your connected SDHC card from which you want to recover deleted or missing files.
  • Once the recovery process gets completed, you can preview the recovered files in “Data View” or “File Type View”.
  • If you are satisfied with the recovery result, then you can get the licensed version of the tool to save recovered data to your desired destination location.