6 of the Need to Know Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 Essential Features to Know

Within these short span of few months, Windows 10 has become much familiar various sorts of communities. Anyhow, going through some basics of this high advanced OS can definitely help you refurbish your approach to your Windows PC.

“E” stands for Edge, not Internet Explorer

Finally Microsoft said goodbye to Internet Explorer, One who ruled the Internet browsing industry for years. Now, let’s welcome, Edge which was known to be “Project Spartan” during its development. Edge is inbuilt with Windows 10’s personal assistance, Cortana along with personalized new tab and note-taking features.

Importing Android/ iOS Apps to Windows 10

Just leave this feature, if you’re not interested in this developer stuff. But programmers cannot simply ignore this. Windows 10’s platform is universal so that developers can migrate JavaScript, iOS, Android, .NET and Cordova apps towards Windows 10 with minimal modifications.

Universal Platform

You could have understand what I meant by this. Just imagine, one code of Windows 10 application code snippet work on various devices like PCs, smartphones, tablets etc. Beg your pardon, these are not the items which I was supposed to say. Think about wall-mounted TVs and HoloLens running Windows 10 apps which can also use in PC or Windows smartphone. This is what Windows 10 offers.

Digital Payment

Alibaba’s Alipay is one of the digital wallets so far integrated to Windows 10 systems. The talk about Microsoft’s mobile payment options would be only finished after mentioning Microsoft’ latest announcement. According to that, it is supposed to enable purchasing of Windows 10 apps by just charging on your mobile carrier bill. Fascinating, right?

Personalized Interface

Microsoft calls Windows 10’s lock screen experience as Windows Spotlight. Directly from this lock screen, users can give their feedbacks. This “Spotlight” also shows running apps along with beautiful background images. You’ll get real time notifications along with it. More personified Cortana will add up to these features.

Mobile Apps like Desktop Apps

I’ll explain this with an example. Just connect your mobile device using an HDMI cable with your Windows PC. By default, the mobile apps will go to full desktop mode on your PC. According to Joe Belfiore, head of OS group at Microsoft has something to say on this. “This shows our unique vision for phones and enabling them to scale up to a full PC-like experience.”

How to install Windows using Boot Camp?

hero_bootcampBoot Camp is an application that helps you install Microsoft Windows operating system on your Mac system. After installing Windows, restart your Mac computer to switch between OS X and Windows.

For installation of MS Windows on Mac system using Boot Camp, the requirements are mentioned below:

  • An Intel-based Mac
  • Microsoft Windows installation media or disk image (ISO) contains 64-bit version of MS Windows 8 or later
  • Mouse or track pad, Apple keyboard, or a USB keyboard and mouse
  • 55 GB of free space on disk on your startup drive
  • Required a blank USB flash drive of atleast 16 GB space.

Check System Requirements

Some versions of Windows operating system require a particular processor, more space on hard drive and memory (RAM). Make sure that the documentation which came with the copy of Windows to sort out what you need. Then use the Information of system to see what the Mac system currently has.

Get a Windows Disk Image

When you purchase Windows OS, it comes as an ISO file (disk image file) that you download, or as an installation USB flash drive. If the copy of Windows OS came on DVD, you are advised to create a disk image in order to work with Boot Camp. If the version of Windows came on a USB flash drive, then you can download an ISO file from Microsoft.

Open Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant guides the user through installation of Windows on your Mac system. First of all open this application from Utility folder in the Applications folder and then follow the onscreen instructions as described to automatically repartitioning your startup disk and download software drivers for Windows. If you are prompted during installation of Windows operating system, connect a blank USB flash drive.

Format your Windows Partition

When user completes the assistant, your Mac system restarts to Windows installer. When you are asked where to install Windows, then select the BOOTCAMP partition, then press Format.

Install Windows

Follow the given onscreen prompts in order to finish the Windows installation.

Restart your Computer

After installing Windows operating system, you can switch between OS X and Windows. Then use the Startup Disk preference pane in the OS X or the Boot Camp system tray item in Windows in order to choose your startup disk, and then restart the computer.

Difference between Server and Desktop Virtualization

cloudDesktop virtualization and server virtualization are used to enhance security, are centrally controlled and save costs (when used efficiently. The difference between them helps you to figure out which virtualization is best so that you can properly utilize both. Desktop virtualization can separate the software from physical client device. It is the creation of a virtual system environment which is then delivered to the user instead of a physical computer. The virtual system is then stored on a distant server and delivered to the user device. It mainly enables users to access application and files over different devices and distantly, if they can’t make it into office. In case your device is lost or stolen, digital virtualization has the ability to distantly erase any company’s data from device. On other hand, Server virtualization divide physical server into sub division, smaller virtual servers. It is the sub division of a physical server into various multiple smaller, virtual servers. With this virtualization, multiple servers work on a single physical machine. The common form of this virtualization is with virtual devices, where servers behave like a separate system. This will help you to maximize a company’s resources. It helps user increase production by virtually storing a server, it will be easier to recover from sudden server outages and up-time will be increased.

Basic Differences between Desktop Virtualization and Server Virtualization

Server virtualization will not able to add any extra load to the network whereas desktop virtualization operates completely on the network, that can slow down production speeds. Desktop virtualization allows you to make various changes in their IT resource. In order to enable desktop virtualization it will directly affects data center, transmission protocol and network whereas server virtualization only require changes that will made to the server.

Both the virtualization can help you to cut out costs while making data files easily available to employees of the company. If a company is allowing for desktop virtualization or server virtualization they must completely understand the basic difference between the two. For a flat transition a company can plan out their progress to desktop virtualization, server virtualization or both.

Conclusion: There are some use cases for and against desktop virtualization and server virtualization. Here’s more information out there to absorb the basic difference between desktop virtualization and server virtualization.

Utility to Convert Outlook OST to PST

Outlook application has two types of file OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Table). There are several issues due to which OST files get corrupted and user is unable to access such files. Under such circumstances, you need to convert OST files in order to overcome the limitations of OST files. To convert OST file, you need a reliable tool to perform conversion in a perfect way.

If you are searching for OST to PST conversion, then your search is over. Just make use of OST to PST Conversion tool and convert various attributes of Outlook application with few mouse clicks. This software is compatible with different versions of Windows operating system. By using this tool, you can easily convert OST files and save in desired location. It is safe and secure application since this tool is free from virus and malware programs. You can also convert password protected OST files by using this effective tool. It is available online so that you can purchase it and use this advance conversion tool.

Reasons for corruption of OST file

  • Improper Termination Of Outlook Application: Sometimes due to sudden power failure, Outlook application is closed abruptly. As a result of which OST file may get corrupt and you are unable to access such corrupted file.
  • Up- gradation of Outlook Application: While upgrading Outlook application to newer version, if something went wrong then there is possibility that OST file get corrupted or damaged. In such condition user is unable to access OST file.
  • Compression Errors: It is possible to convert OST file, but while compressing no interruptions should be made; in case any interruption occurs then OST file might get damaged.
  • Header Corruption: Header of OST file retains every one of the necessary details associated with OST file it maintains quality, date of design etc. Corruption of header leads to inaccessibility of OST data file, which finally leads to inaccessibility of Take on life data.

Here’s more about corruption of OST file. Because of all these above listed reasons OST file will get corrupted, which finally causes loss of Outlook attributes. This software can easily convert OST file with utmost ease.

Features of OST to PST Conversion Software

  • It is a tool for converting OST to PST, using this tool you can complete the conversion process in just few clicks.
  • By employing this software you can effectively covert OST to PST on all available versions of Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.
  • This application ensures complete safety of original OST file, because it is a read only software that will not do any alterations to existing OST file instead it can just read OST file and generates a new PST file just like that of OST file.
  • This helpful converter tool can be easily installed on all latest versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
  • Go to the website, and download the demo edition of above converter software. Install and run the application on your computer.

How to Recover SDHC Card Data?

What is SDHC card?

SDHC memory card stands for Secure Digital High Capacity card. It has the same shape and size as standard SD card but meets with some additional features. SDHC cards are portable and handy memory card that is used to store user’s data such as pictures, videos, mp3 songs, and more in different occasions during family functions, birthday celebration, etc. The main intension for introducing SDHC card is to meet the expectation of the users like high definition videos and high resolution pictures. If the Storage capacity of SD is 4GB or more, then it is classed as a SDHC memory card. It is one of the four families of SD card.

Class Speed Rating:

Secure Digital Association (SDA) has established speed of transfer rate in Class rating (Class 2, 4, 6 and 10). That helps to identify the speed, performance and minimum requirements of Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards and the host products. The write speed for SDHC cards are:

  • Class 2: The minimum write speed is 2 MB/s or higher. sdhc card recovery
  • Class 4: The minimum write speed is 4MB/s or higher.
  • Class 6: The minimum write speed is 6MB/s or higher.
  • Class 10: The minimum write speed is 10MB/s or higher.

Currently, SDHC memory card storage capacity between 4 GB and 32 GB. Users need to check for the SDHC logo on memory cards and host devices like camcorders, digital cameras; etc before purchasing it and some devices won’t support SDHC cards. User can look for the Class Speed Rating logo to make out the performance of the SDHC memory cards and host devices.

Even having all of these features, it is failed to protect with data loss problem. Losing of an important data is very disappointing and it’s still very worst situation if user don’t have a back up of those data. Are you facing this type of issue? Don’t get panic there is a recovery tool named as SDHC Card Recovery Application.

This software has ability to recover SDHC card data from different types such as MicroSDHC and MiniSDHC memory card. You can utilize this powerful application to restore data from various brands of SDHC card that includes Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and many others.

Scenarios of loss of data from SDHC memory cards:

  • Corruption of file system: Due to improper plug in and plug out the file system of the SD cards will get corrupted or when the SD card is connected to the system if system forceful shut down cause’s loss of files from the SDHC card.
  • Virus Attack: If SDHC memory card get infected by severe viruses and Trojan. Then, there is a chance of losing some data that are stored in SDHC card.
  • Accidental deletion: When the SDHC card is inserted in digital camera and viewing photos in camera sometimes by mistake you press the delete all option in it, this will also lose your files in SDHC cards.
  • Formatting: Sometimes you might find difficult to access the data on SDHC cards so you may have format it. By selecting this action you will completely loss your files. Then, you may try to look for SDHC card recovery.
  • Data loss during file transfer: Sometimes, when you connect SDHC card to the PC and transfers the data, if you suddenly remove your card it may cause loss of your data.
  • Miss-handling the camera: Switching off the camera during transfer of photos and capturing when camera is in low battery may also cause loss of photos.

Know How to Fix Outlook PST File in Few Steps

Repair PSTPST is Personal Storage Table. The files that are stored in Microsoft Outlook will be saved as PST format. It is used as an email application. At the same time, it also has some other features like task manager, contact manager, calendar, journal, note handler and also web browsing. It is used widely for global communication. Outlook can also back up your account contents like contacts, attachments, etc. You can keep your PST files safely with password protection. The maximum storage limit of a PST file varies from one version to another version.

Though there are many advantages in using Microsoft Outlook, the Outlook files may get corrupted in some situations. Your PST file may corrupt due to reasons like improper sharing of file, system freeze or even due to the presence of bad sectors in your storage area. If your PST file got corrupted, instead of worrying and losing hope, just believe that you can repair that file. The corrupted Outlook.pst file can be repaired efficiently, with the help of “Fix PST” software. By using this utility, you can repair your PST file, without modifying its actual contents. Still if you want to know more about how to fix PST files, then don’t worry, as all the data related queries is here.

Some of the reasons behind PST file corruption:

  • Exceeded file size: You may know that PST files may get lost if it exceeds the maximum size. Say for example, you are using Outlook 2002. The maximum storage size of Outlook 2002 is 2GB. If your PST file exceeds the maximum size, then your file may get lost.
  • Upgrading Outlook: Say, you are upgrading your Microsoft Outlook from an older version (say for eg: Outlook 2007) to latest version to access its newly added features. At this time, different Outlook elements such as emails, contacts, etc stored in your previous version may get damaged.
  • Improper termination: Closing a PST file in an inappropriate way also one of the main reason for file corruption. Say for example, you may be working with your PST file. At that time, your system may be turned off due to power issue. AS a result of this situation, your PST file may get corrupt.
  • Email bombarding: Email bombarding is also one of the reason for file damage. If you have opened “n” number of emails at the same time, it may sometimes becomes a chances for the PST file corruption.

Features of this repair tool:

“Fix PST” tool helps you to repair files, that are created from different versions like Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. Files that are not fixed even by Inbox Repair tool, provided by Microsoft Outlook can be repaired effectively with the help of this utility. Emails that are emptied from deleted item folder or any other Outlook folder can be recovered with the help of this utility program. This application allows you to preview the repaired items with the help of Outlook Style Browser view. With the help of this application, you can even repair your password protected files. This tool can also recover folders, messages, meeting requests, appointments, tasks, journals, etc.

Learn How to Photo Recovery on Mac

Macintosh is popular known as Mac, it is one of the secure operating system that has grown in popularity over the years because of various features. Among all operating system Mac OS is the effective and unique that guaranteed to resists from the loss of files for some extents.     Most of the people prefer to use Mac OS on their personal systems or laptops because of its features, outstanding performance, huge set of built-in applications, efficient file storage system, and many more.


At times, most of the Mac users lose their precious photos from Mac hard drive due to various reasons like accidental deletion, file system corruption, presence of bad sector on hard drive, unintentional format, reinstallation of OS, use of third party tools and many more. In order to overcome from these issues and get back deleted or lost pictures from Mac system by using Photo Recovery Mac software. It is completely virus free recovery tool and user can easily download free edition to check the performance of this utility. This software allows user to do an effective photo recovery other than Mac and other secondary storage devices including external hard drive, pen drives, MMC cards, SD cards, xD cards, CF cards and so on. It easily recovers deleted or lost images and other media files from various Mac models like iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, etc.

Major causes behind the deletion or erase of photos from Mac system:

  1. At times, while viewing the pictures from your Mac laptop or any other device you may mistakenly select some important pics and press “Command + Shift+ Delete” keys. This results deletion of photos from the Mac hard drive.
  2. Suppose, if your Mac hard drive is infected with harmful or dangerous malware then you need to format that particular drive in order to access but accidentally instead of choosing virus infected drive you might have selected other volume where important images and other media files are stored. This ends up with huge data loss from Mac volume.
  3. Use of untrusted and unreliable third party utility on your laptop will leads to damage or corruption of the file system and also damages operating system. Hence, this results in erase of pictures from the hard drive.
  4. At times, using “Cut” and “Paste” command for moving or transferring pics from any external device to your computer or vice versa causes data loss. Due to sudden shut down, abrupt power failure and some other issues during file transfer process.

To overcome from the above discussed scenarios you can make use Photo Recovery Mac software which helps you to get back all your deleted or lost images from Mac computers.

Prominent special specifications of Photo Recovery Mac software:

  • Using this recovery software, you can recover deleted or lost files from types of hard drive interface like SATA, IDE and SCSI.
  • Apart from images it has capacity to locate and retrieve other types of files such as Word documents, audios, movie files, videos, RAW photo files, executable files, system files, PowerPoint files, PST files and more.
  • It is one of the most trusted recovery tool which has been recommended by most of the industry professionals to recover photos and other data from Mac hard drive.

Hence this is the better tool to restore data from Mac hard drive. You can run the free version of this software for free and evaluate results. You can purchase complete edition in order to save recovered pictures and other data on any desired location.

Perform Instant File Recovery Removable Media

Commonly drives are used to store the data and to access it whenever required. These drives will acts as an external storage for the device which saves the different types of files in it. Drives support the storage of the different container file format like IMG, MP3, MP4, etc. These media file can be easily transfers to the other device as some drives are removable one. Due to its removable feature of the drive, it acts as a portable device.

Data transfer is the common and important task for the people now a day’s. As many students, work professionals, technicians and common computer users may required the transfer of files from one device to the another device. Most of the people like to use USB drive for transferring the files as it is light in weight and easy to carry. Media cards are available in the hand phone which stores the files like audio file, video file, image file, games, software, calendar, contacts, reminder, etc. removable media recovery

Generally media files may require to transfer and some devices contains removable media. With the help of this removable media, you can easily transfer the files from it. It is further classified based on its type. SD cards, Memory Sticks, Thumb drives, Smart card, multimedia card, etc are come under the solid type of media file. While coming to the optical type of removal media then CD, DVD, etc. will be classification of removal media under this category. USB hard disks, floppy disks, etc. will be the classification under the type of magnetic removal drive.

Instead of these many classifications and features of removable media, files get lost from the drive because of many reasons. If the lost files are important to you then you should think of recovering of removable media which can be done with the advanced tool like Removable Media Recovery Software which is equipped with all the features that are needed to recover the files from the media card. Before knowing how the files get recover with the help of this tool, let us firstly talk about the causes for the loss of files from the removable media drive.

Reasons for the loss of files from drive:

  • When you connect the drive to the computer device which contain bad sectors. These bad sectors corrupt the files of the removable media drive and then the files should be forcefully deleted by the user. So it results in loss of the files.
  • Format error is another reason for which files get lost from the drive. In this case, user may format the drive as the files of the removable drive are inaccessible. When you connect this drive to the computer then user may see the error notification on the screen ‘the drive G: is not formatted. Do you want to format it’? So in this case user may not find any other way except formatting the drive then it will results in loss of files from the removable drive.
  • There is chance that file system get corrupted or damaged when you avoid to follows the precautions steps while ejecting removable drive after using it.

Whatever the reason behind loss of files from the removable media drive? Now it is possible to recover any type of data with the help of this utility. It is designed with strong algorithm, with the help of this feature this software can easily performed file recovery removable media on almost all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

Know How Removable Media Data Recovery Software Can Help you

In today’s world, removable drives are playing an important role in person’s life. It is preferred by the most of the user to carry files along with them and as well as to maintain back up of their precious data. Removable drives are very handy for transferring files and folders from one PC to another. In removable media devices there are various types such as external hard disk, pen drives, memory cards (SD cards, CF cards, SDHC cards, SDXC cards, and more) that are making things easier for the user in the IT industries.

Removable drives can store almost all typeremovable media data recovery softwares of files such as audios, photos, video, text files, PPT files, RAR Files, and so on. It is widely used due to its amazing features like easy to use, re-usability, durability, compatibility with different operating system platforms, etc. Ever since removable devices came into existence, it was very much susceptible to the big pertaining question of data loss. But regardless of all the challenges faced by the removable disk, it evolved drastically in faster pace to where it is now. There are many possibilities for deletion or lose of data from removable drives whether it may be memory card, USB drives, or any other devices. In such cases, user looks for the best removable media data recovery software.

But there are some unexpected circumstances happen that may cause data loss from removable drive due to some known or unknown reasons. Take a simple incidence; while erasing unwanted files and folders you have accidentally deleted some of your important data from removable device. Later, when you realize the mistake it was too late and you want to get back data some way. Even if you know to retrieve lost or deleted files from removable media, it is difficult to get success right away if you are using unreliable recovery tool. You can utilize removable media data recovery software to recover data from removable drive efficiently.

Let’s acquire some insights for lose or deletion of data from any removable drives:

Accidentally erasing file: This is most common situation that is faced by many users. Deletion happens generally when user want to erase some files from the PC which is not required so that to make hard drive space available; in this process there is possibility to erased crucial data unknowingly.

Removable media device format: You may format drive due to severe virus attack to the removable disk which will delete entire files stored in the removable storage device.

Interruption during transfer of data: Removable media drives are commonly used to transfer file from one system to another. Consider an example; you are performing data transfer process, during this process you may abnormally removed removable disk from you system this may cause data loss situation.

System infected by malicious software: Virus acts as a destructive program which may affect various data that are stored in removable drives. Thus, infection of harmful virus/malware on your removable drive leads to erasing or corruption to your important data.

Sometimes, files saved in removable drives might be very precious for you, losing such data will make you upset. But now in this era of technology, group of IT professional has developed removable media data recovery software that can easily restores all the data with regardless of reason behind loss of files from removable disk. It supports both on Windows and Mac operating systems to perform removable data recovery in hassle free manner. This software is build up with powerful algorithms and thus capable to get back data from removable drive without any modification on data while recovery process.

Safest Removable Media File Recovery Software

Almost all portable external storage devices are referred to as ‘Removable Media’. These storage devices can be mounted to PC even when system is running. Some examples of removable media include memory cards, USB drives, etc; these devices can be used to move data from one system to another in an easy way.

One of the major advantage of this removable disk is that they can deliver the fast data backup and recovery times associated with storage area networks. And the major drawback of removable media is that it’s more expensive than tape. Since removable media are easy to carry and they are frequently used for data transfer, they are exposed some break downs and loss of data.removable media recoverySome common cases behind data loss from removable media:

  • Deleting files accidentally from Removable Drive:When your removable drive is connected to system for accessing data, user may delete some important files/folder by mistake instead of unwanted files
  • File Transfer Interruptions:Interruption or errors like power fluctuations or sudden system shutdown while transferring files from removable disk to computer
  • Incorrect Removal:Abruptly removing removable storage drive from Windows PC without using “Safely Remove Hardware” option
  • Anti-virus Scanning:When you scan you removable disk to remove viruses, anti-virus software may remove some files from removable drive if they are infected
  • Virus Infection:Removable disk can get infected with viruses and delete some files when you connect to the computer that is already by viruses/malware/spyware

Under this above mentioned scenarios, there is no need to worry if you lose your photos, files and important data which are stored on your USB device. Because to overcome this issue there is a tool called removable media recovery which helps you to recover all the lost or inaccessible data from any removable media such as External hard drive, Pen drive, USB drive, SD card, Memory card, Memory stick, Flash drive, SSD etc.

Removable Media Recovery Software:
Removable media file recovery  is one of the best options to recover all missing or deleted data files and folders from corrupted or inaccessible storage devices. This can help you to restore all type of files like video albums, media files, digital photos, pictures, images etc.

Features of this recovery tool:

  • This is most secure, dependable and entirely professional tool to recover all data from different digital media data storage tools.
  • Undelete the entire lost major file formats counting video files (avi, mpeg, mp4, asf, m4), image files (jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp,) audio files (ram, wav, wma, aac, mpa), text files (doc, dbt, txt, wpd, wps) and so much more..
  • Recovers corrupted folders and files damaged because of Human error, Virus corrupted files, Hardware blunder, System error, Software fault, Power failure, and etc.
  • Retrieves data even if it shows error like “format drive” on your PC system while entering any supported media on your computer.
  • Efficiently works with all USB removable media derive brands such as Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Toshiba, Olympus, Sony, Transcend, Konica-Minolta, HP, Kingston etc.