6 of the Need to Know Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 Essential Features to Know

Within these short span of few months, Windows 10 has become much familiar various sorts of communities. Anyhow, going through some basics of this high advanced OS can definitely help you refurbish your approach to your Windows PC.

“E” stands for Edge, not Internet Explorer

Finally Microsoft said goodbye to Internet Explorer, One who ruled the Internet browsing industry for years. Now, let’s welcome, Edge which was known to be “Project Spartan” during its development. Edge is inbuilt with Windows 10’s personal assistance, Cortana along with personalized new tab and note-taking features.

Importing Android/ iOS Apps to Windows 10

Just leave this feature, if you’re not interested in this developer stuff. But programmers cannot simply ignore this. Windows 10’s platform is universal so that developers can migrate JavaScript, iOS, Android, .NET and Cordova apps towards Windows 10 with minimal modifications.

Universal Platform

You could have understand what I meant by this. Just imagine, one code of Windows 10 application code snippet work on various devices like PCs, smartphones, tablets etc. Beg your pardon, these are not the items which I was supposed to say. Think about wall-mounted TVs and HoloLens running Windows 10 apps which can also use in PC or Windows smartphone. This is what Windows 10 offers.

Digital Payment

Alibaba’s Alipay is one of the digital wallets so far integrated to Windows 10 systems. The talk about Microsoft’s mobile payment options would be only finished after mentioning Microsoft’ latest announcement. According to that, it is supposed to enable purchasing of Windows 10 apps by just charging on your mobile carrier bill. Fascinating, right?

Personalized Interface

Microsoft calls Windows 10’s lock screen experience as Windows Spotlight. Directly from this lock screen, users can give their feedbacks. This “Spotlight” also shows running apps along with beautiful background images. You’ll get real time notifications along with it. More personified Cortana will add up to these features.

Mobile Apps like Desktop Apps

I’ll explain this with an example. Just connect your mobile device using an HDMI cable with your Windows PC. By default, the mobile apps will go to full desktop mode on your PC. According to Joe Belfiore, head of OS group at Microsoft has something to say on this. “This shows our unique vision for phones and enabling them to scale up to a full PC-like experience.”